Friday, April 22, 2011

Giveaway on my blogg

Im trying to get more followers for my blog. So if you follow my blog you'll be entered into my giveaway. My daughter will select a winner after i hit 25 followers. Here is what i'll be giving away


  1. hey, deedee,

    thanks for linking to my blog! here is what i have for you as far as entries for my giveaway:
    1 entry - for following my blog + 2 entries for liking and commenting on FB + 3 entries for linking to me from your blog = 6 entries. sound good? also, please enter me in YOUR giveaway - I hope you get 25 followers soon!
    lisa (captivcrochet)

  2. I mostly wanted to post that I didn't follow you for the giveaway - I just happened to run across your link on crochetville :)

  3. Hi Rosebud75. I love your blog and the giveaway is very generous of you. I am now a new follower and am excited to find out who will win. (in case it turns out to be me- I'm aka #1Crochefan on crochetville)

  4. Hi deedee, lovely blog. i am a new follower.


  5. Hi there :) I'm a follower. I found you on crochetville. I think your giveaway is great but I have one suggestion - you haven't updated your blog since this post :( in order to get followers, I think having a somewhat regularly updated blog is in order. I'm not being pushy, just some friendly advise :)